The Online Mercantile

    The Online Mercantile came about when Slick Fork Saddle Shop finally got a new web site to replace the old one that was so outdated that it really wasn't very useful anymore. It was then decided that it would be the right time to include a way for customers who found the site a way to purchase products if they lived outside the area where Slick Fork Saddle Shop is located.. The Online Mercantile was built with that idea of being able to serve new customers that live outside of the area where Slick Fork Saddle Shop it located, without them having to actually come to the shop in person to make a purchase. This allows customers that live across the state, country, or even the world to be able to purchase handmade and other items from Slick Fork Saddle Shop and have them shipped to them where they live. If your in the area do feel free to drop by to visit and say hello.

     Slick Fork Saddle Shop has been building custom saddles and other gear here in the shop for many years. This Online store allows new customers from all over buy the Handmade gear like the Saddles, Reins, Headstalls, Breast Collars, Saddle Repair Parts, and others that Slick Fork Saddle Shop produces here on site. This brand new version of the online Mercantile is the second and hopefully is an upgrade over the first one, easier to use and maybe this one should be called Online Mercantile 2.0.  

    Besides the leather gear mentioned above you will also find some really good leather care products that have all been used here in the shop for custom and repair work. The Online Mercantile will grow over time so be sure to check back from time to time to see what is new. There are some new items in this version and some that were in the old store have yet to be added to this new version. You might just see the category shown for those items until they are updated. This one is set up in a different format and should be easier to use for everyone. Paypal is still available for payments but will also be adding other options for those who don't use Paypal. If you are looking for something or have any comments, questions or suggestions, feel free to contact Slick Fork Saddle Shop . If you would like to see something added to the Mercantile contact SFSS about adding something for you. Thanks for stopping by and please come back  again soon.