I get items into the shop for repair quite often that have these economy slotted Conchos on them. Many times they are missing one or two so I have had to start keeping some around for repair jobs. There are a lot of old saddles and chaps that had these on them. These are just an inexpensive plated concho that has 1/2 slots for strings. There has been a lot of gear come thru my shop that had these on them in whatever size. I listed them here because I figured there might be someone else out there that needs one or two of these to fix their old saddle or their Grandad's Chaps ect. Right now I have the 1 1/2" and these 1 1/4" here in the mercantile but may add some other sizes plus other fancier Conchos plus I have plain old leather ones listed if you need one for under one of these star Conchos. Check the category out to see what is available.