These off-billets are available in both 1 1/2" and 1 3/4" wide  by 40" long. They are lined with good oiled domestic latigo and stitched around the edge and holes. If you order the latigo version ,it is doubled and stitched all Oiled latigo leather. The holes are figure 8 stitched like I do on my Rear Billets, and both front and back have stitched  reinforced holes. These lace together below your riggin ring with a three hole pattern like is used on latigos. This helps to keep them in place when you are changing a cinch, ect. They are built for strength out of Hermann Oak saddle skirting and lined with the same Domestic oiled latigo that I cut my half-breed latigos and latigos out of. Or they are 100% doubled and stitched Oiled Latigo Leather if you order that version.

     Available either Smoothout, Roughout, or all Latigo Leather. I am offering the 1 1/2"  for childrens saddles or saddles that came set up with the 1 1/2" off billets.  I have a picture showing both the 1 3/4" and the 1 1/2" widths together in the same picture to show the difference between the 2 widths. Also a picture showing the 3 available leather choices.