Pair 1 3/4" Rear Lace on Billets


  These are the same exact Rear Billets that that go out on my Custom saddles expect they are built in the lace on style. They are all built from Hermann Oak saddle skirting and lined with good oiled latigo leather. These are made to be strong and stretch resistent. These lace on type billets are 1 3/4" width and horse length. The holes on the billets are figure 8 stitched and the matching back cinch is double sewn. This extra sewing and latigo lining makes them stronger, stretch resistant, and the lining resists sweat from the horses belly. Lace on billets refers to the way they attatch to the saddle. The billet goes thru the riggin dee or slot, then is laced together thru some holes, usually 3 punched in the billets.They are built in a length to fit a horse's belly.  Remember to measure the buckles on your Back Cinch before you order. 1 3/4" Billets won't fit into 1 1/2" roller buckles, be sure to get the same size as the buckles are on your back cinch..