1 3/4" Latigo 6' plus Length


   These Latigos are cut from high quality USA oiled latigo leather by hand here in my own shop. I cut my own Latigos for the saddles that I build and these are cut from that same domestic Burgundy Oiled Latigo Leather as those I build and use on my custom saddles.

   This is the standard 1 3/4" width and 6' plus in length latigos. These are a shorter length , but the same width that I send out on my saddles. The narrower 1 1/2" width latigos are also available here in the Mercantile . If you need a more narrow version than the 1 1/2" width, contact me and I can quote you a price . Pack Saddles and some other gear do sometimes have narrower latigos on them. I have two Lengths available. The Latigos listed as 6' in length which will run 6' plus . The Latigos listed as 7' will be 7' Plus in length.  If you have need of extra long length latigos, contact me about cutting some for you special length.