1 3/4" Latigo 6' plus Length


   These Latigos are cut from high quality USA oiled latigo leather by hand here in my own shop. I cut my own Latigos for the saddles that I build and these are cut from that same domestic Burgundy Oiled Latigo Leather as those I build and use on my custom saddles.

   This is the standard 1 3/4" width and 6' plus in length latigos.  The narrower 1 1/2" width latigos are also available here in the Mercantile . If you need a more narrow version than the 1 1/2" width, contact me and I can quote you a price . Pack Saddles and some other gear do sometimes have narrower latigos on them. I have two Lengths available. The Latigos listed as 6' in length which will run from 6'a plus. The Latigos listed as 7' will be 7' Plus.  If you have need of extra long length latigos, contact me about cutting some for you special length.