The Custom cinches are Handmade 100% Mohair 34 Strand Double Pack cinches that are made in a straight pattern with a Diamond Center design. Pick your Cinch Length, and Colors from the available options. The picture shows a pack cinch with double rings which is the most common hardware choice. A 3 1/2" ring tongue buckle is also an available option under the hardware choices.These Cinches are available in your choice of 22" to 52" inch lengths and are measured from end of ring to end of ring. Most customers will not need the longest lengths on these cinches, but the are available if you have a special need for one of those lengths.The Ring to Ring measurement will prevent the problem of buying a cinch that is marked 26" and when you get it home it is actually 29"-30" or  longer due to the length of the buckles or rings not being accounted for in their measurement. Be sure to take this in to account also when ordering, use the end of hardware to end of hardware measurement to choose your length. You may want to measure your old cinch this way if it is one that fits well, just to be sure. Just don't go by the measurement that is marked on the old cinch as they might not be counting the buckle length..