3" Horizontal Side by Side Blevin's Stirrup Buckles Full Set


These are Blevins Stirrup Buckle full Sets. Sometimes called Blevins quick change stirrup buckles. These are the 3" version with leather covered sleeves for the horizontal or " side by side" hole pattern. If your not sure which ones you need , measure your stirrup leathers for width and look at the holes. If the leathers are 3" wide and have holes side by side in 2 vertical lines then these are the right buckles. The holes in your stirrup leathers would like the old lace up style. In fact depending on the hole spacing of your leathers, these can be used to convert from lace ups to Blevins quick change setup. You can also see the pictures to help with ordering. Make sure you are going by the width of the stirrup leather and not the width of the sleeve. If your are going by the width of the sleeve, make sure it is the inside of the sleeve and not the outside measurement. A 3" stirrup leather fits inside the sleeve.

These are priced per set so you will get one for each stirrup leather/fender.  If these are not the right style or size for you saddle see the other listings for the correct version. If you just need new sleeves they are also inside the Mercantile in this same category. Ask me about rivets if you need some #9 copper Rivets to go with these.