3/4" Loop End Latigo Reins Long Length


   These are split reins hand cut from USA oiled latigo leather, cut side by side and kept together thru processing so that they are a matched pair. This is the same 10-12 oz Latigo leather that I cut my Latigos and Half Breed Latigos from. The edges hand been hand beveled on both sides and edges rubbed for a nice finish. This style of reins I remember seeing a lot and using when I was a kid. These are kind of an old favorite. They have a basic loop on the bit end that is made out of the rein's body itself. The tail goes back thru the loop once you have run the reins thru your bit. They can be taken off fairly easy as all you have to do is slide the rein back out of the loop if you want to change bits or use the reins on another rig. These will be available in 5/8" and 3/4" widths and two lengths. The Regular 7' to 7' 5" Length and the Long 7' 6" and longer length.

This listing is for the 3/4" Long Length that will be between 7'6" and longer. This USA Latigo Leather is less expensive than Harness Leather so I am able to make these at a better price than my Hermann Oak Harness leather Reins.