1/2" Harness Leather Split Reins Long Length


      These Hand Crafted Split Reins start out as the heaviest weight available of russet colored Hermann Oak Old World Harness Leather. They are cut side by side right here in my own shop by and kept together thru finishing so that they are a truly matched pair. They are cut by hand and then beveled, and feature a nice hand rubbed finish. These Reins are built with a water strap end at the bit end and a naturally weighted tail. The extra weight on the tail end makes them hang nice in your hands.

This listing is for the Long Length  1/2" version that are 8' to under 8' 6" in Length

The Reins are cut from what Hermann Oak calls the Extra-heavy weight of Harness leather. The Reins are usually about 3/16" to 1/4" thick with the Heavier tail ends usually being thicker, sometimes about 3/8" thick, but that can vary as leather is something that comes from nature. All depends on the hide they were cut from and where at in the hide. They will always be cut from the heaviest weigh Hermann Oak produces in This Old World Harness leather. I have take pictures of different sets in this length from various batches of reins to show what the average set will be like.