Back Cinch for 1 1/2" Billets


These  handmade Back Cinches are also lined with the same oiled latigo and stitched for strength like the rear billets are. They also have stitching in the center for strength and stretch resistence. Pockets for the billet keepers. A Back Cinch will be shipped with a cinch hobble strap included. The hobble will be made from latigo. The 1 1/2" buckles are high quality roller buckles designed for back cinches and all Stainless Steel. The roller on these is solid and not split. This means the roller is like a mini piece of pipe and not going to come apart at the seam, because there is not seam.The buckle on the hobble strap will also be Stainless steel. The pattern is curved in the center part so it it will fit a horses belly. A straight back cinch tends to gap and not fit the belly as well. I learned this by repairing saddles. A straight one that came into my shop had always stretched into a curved shape after use if it was thin enough to stretch in a curve. This size Back Cinch is  Horse length. It is about 3 1/4" wide in the center and the same length as my other back cinch patterns. Order by the width of your Rear billets unless your getting a complete set of a Back cinch and matching Rear Billets