Fiebing's Mink Oil Liquid 8 oz Bottle



       I have listed Leather care products that I know are good and that I use here in my custom saddle shop or for my own needs. I can remember Mink Oil from when I was a kid and it being used a lot in our house on our work boots. It always worked well so I have added it to my listings here.This is a bottle of Fiebing's Liquid Mink Oil which comes in a 8 oz squeeze bottle. Fiebing's says on the label that it Softens, Preserves & Waterproofs -Shoes, Boots, and All smooth Leather Articles. The Paste says that you can use it on vinyl also , but this liquid doesn't mention vinyl.  If you need something that works on vinyl you might need to take a look at the paste version or another product.. I will include some shearling scraps that you can use to put this product on with so look for them inside the box your purchase is shipped in.

     Here is what Fiebing's says about their product-Fiebing's Mink Oil Paste: Softens, Preserves & Waterproofs -Shoes, Boots, and All smooth Leather Articles.  Apply  Mink oil Freely and work into leather. Will darken light colored and unfinished leather. Not for use on suede or Nubuck leathers. Made proudly in the USA by Fiebing's company- Milwaukee, WI. The active ingredients are listed in order as Mink Oil, Silicone, Lanolin, and Pure Neatsfoot oil. I also have the Paste version of this Fiebing product in the store plus other leather care products so check it out if your looking for something different. Take care