Crossover Rope Strap and Buckle Set


  These are a cross over style rope strap, some people call this a Oregon cross over. These are what I build for the saddles I make. They are basicly a 5/8" x 38" strap with a buckle piece . The buckle is a 5/8" roller buckle and the bottom end of the buckle piece is about 1" wide and tapers down to 5/8". They have a leather loop sewn in that the strap will fasten into after going thru the roller buckle. This leather part will fasten under your seat jockey with the loop and buckle sticking out the required height that the strap will buckle and tuck into the loop without problems. I screw these in place after fitting . You will want to play with your angle some until you get it how you want .Use a couple of small nails to hold in place and put the screw in after everything is as you want it to be. Then fasten your seat jockey back down into place like before. I usually install the strap first,helps with the fitting for the buckle part.

    The strap will fasten on the other side of the fork. I run mine thru the end of the horn wrap by going thru a bag hole I punch the same size as the strap width. I also punch a 5/8' bag hole in the fork cover and put the strap up under the fork cover a 1 1/2" or so. Then I screw threw the horn wrap, fork cover, rope strap, and into the tree's fork. I also use a finish washer for the screw, as it looks more finished. The horn wrap gives your rope something to wear against, instead of the fork cover.  For most people an easier way to install these is like you do on the buckle side, under the seat jockey. Many  many saddles are done this way. I do mine the way I have described above because it gets your rope slightly higher, more out of the way if your getting on a colt or something like that.. But for most people the easier way will work just fine and don't have to punch holes in anything..

      These are available in Skirting or Roughtout Skirting with either a Brass buckle or Stainless Steel buckle. If your saddle had one of these you should be able to install in same location. If your putting on your saddle that didn't come with a rope strap, I would install the easier way unless your experienced and have the tools. If you don't know what your doing you shouldn't be punching holes in your fork cover ect.  I have added some pictures of the way I do these on my saddles so that you can see how I do it. You will need to decide for yourself if you want to attempt to install yours this way. This is just the way I do it, so use your own Judgement  on how you want to do it.