These horn wraps are cut from Gold Real Elkhide leather. Elk for horn wraps has become popular due to its being very sticky, meaning it really grabs the rope. Its not as thick or tough though so it is a trade off there. These wont last as long as "mulehide" and wont be able to give a little rope if needed quite as easy as the "mulehide" wrap that are also in my Mercantile. These are cut 2" wide by hand and as long as the leather allows. I may end up listing 2 lengths on these as guys are putting a shorter one on top of the first wrap after it wears down some.I can give you some advice on how to put these on if you need it so let me know. I noticed my tightening strap doesn't hardly want to slip at all on these when putting them on, so is slightly harder to get as tight as I can the Mulehide Version.