Fiebing's Suede and Nubuck Cleaner Kit

     Quickly removes marks, spots and soil from Suede and Nubuck shoes, purses, clothing and accessories. Fast, dry cleaning method removes marks, spots and soil from suede and nubuck shoes, boots, purses, coats , clothing and accessories. All suede and suede-like fabrics will look new...bringing matted, worn appearance to life. Will not change color or texture of suede. Also use to clean suede linings of shoe and sandals.. remove crayon marks from painted surfaces.. remove heel marks from light colored shoes and floors, and to clean soot from fireplace bricks and blocks.

    Easy to Use; Lightly rub edge of Suede Bar back and forth in several directions over soiled area. For deep stains and marks, apply more pressure ( causing the suede Bar to crumble and increase its effectiveness). For stubborn stains not removed with the added pressure, wet both the suede bar and the stain with clean water and repeat the rubbing action. Let dry, then rub with suede Bruch. For best results, clean your Suede Bar prior to each use by rubbing over a clean, rough surface. Non Toxic and proudly made in the USA by Fiebing Company, Inc.