Galvanized Metal Bound Hickory 3" Overshoe Bell Stirrups


   These are Bell shape 3" wide Overshoe size stirrups made from Hickory wood and bound with Galvanized metal, some people use to call these "tin bound" stirrups in the old days. The size is the stirrup before the wear leathers are in place. This type of stirrups in the many different shapes and styles have been around for years and are one of the most common stirrups used. These are good quality stirrups, which are made from a nice hickory wood. I will ship them with the rollers leather covered and with a wear leather in the bottom of these. The picture shows the stirrups with the roller cover and wear leathers in place. In this Bell shaped Overshoe version there is only one size currently available, a 3" thread.  The thread width refers to the width of the stirrup where your foot goes in front to back, not the opening size of the stirrups. The only difference between the 3" and 2 1/2" neck sized stirrups as far as what stirrup leathers they are built for, is the bolt length and roller length... I don't cut the bolt off until ready to ship and have the narrower rollers here and ready so its an easy swap. Just select the proper size according to the width of your stirrup leathers on your saddle and that is what I will send you.. 

 These USA Made Stirrups are great for a extra pair of stirrups for your saddle or to ride everyday.

 The Tread is measured from the front to the back and is  the part where your foot rests. The Height is measured from the top of the tread to the bottom of the neck. The neck is where the roller is, and is where your stirrup leather will be. The width is the widest point of the inside of the stirrup. These measurements would be without wear leathers, ect.  I found a picture explaining the measurements used so I included it in the pictures for reference. It probably more understandable than my explaination.

These 3" Bell Stirrups have a listed 3" Tread, 6 1/4" Height, and a 6 1/4" Width. If and when more sizes become available in these Overshoe Bell stirrups I will add them here at the mercantile.