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      Handmade and 100% hand hitched here in Montana with real horse hair hatband with a single tassel. This one was done with a fancy figure 8 with arrowhead pattern. Calfskin leather ends with calfskin leather pineapple knots with loop and braided slider for size adjustment. Fits any size hat and hatband has about a 1/2" face. Made with only 100% real horsehair and real calfskin leather. The horse hair is in the same natural color as it came from the horses with the exception of the blue color that was used. It was originally white and dyed with environmentally friendly process to turn it the color it is now. These quality Montana made hatbands are introductory priced at this time. You can expect the price to go up later on due to the quality of the workmanship. Pictures were taken of the same hatband on three different hats that were available at the time to show what the hatband will look like on different hats. You might have an idea of what it will look like on your hat from the pictures. The hats are not included in the sale however.