Handmade Custom Visalia 6" Stirrups


   The fine stirrups are Handmade Custom metal bound stirrups. They are made from Solid Oak and available bound in Stainless Steel. Yellow Brass, and Copper. These are the 6" Visalia stirrups with a standard 5 1/4" inside Diameter. They are available with heel blocks and also leather lining. If you order them without the lining or heel blocks I will cover the roller and thread with a wear leather to protect the stirrups. I have used these on my custom saddles for a number of years as they are a high quality stirrup. Make sure you read the listing, these have to be ordered and then handmade so they take some time to get and be shipped to you. If you have questions, email before you order.   

    Make your selection for your own choice of the three metals used for the binding and also for the width of your stirrup leather rollers in the required options. These custom Visalia Stirrups are available in 1" , 1 1/2" , 2" , 2 1/2" , 3" , 3 1/2" , 4" , 4 1/2" , 5" , 5 1/2", and 6" thread widths. I have the heel block option shown, although most of the time they would be used on the wider width stirrups and not these more narrow versions. I have it available in case someone wants them, but it may turn out that we can only add them on the wider widths. I can check for anyone who might be interested. You may need to measure the width of your stirrup leathers on your saddle that these will be going on to get the roller width if you don't know what your saddle has for stirrup leathers. I always used the stainless steel bound versions if the saddle I was building has stainless hardware, silver, ect, or the brass version if it has brass hardware. Any of the 3 versions will look nice on the saddle that they are going on however so you can order what you like best. I will add individual pictures for each width as I get a chance to, in each size of these Custom Visalia  stirrups. Eventually there will be pictures of a 6" Visalia shown here in each of the 3 different Bindings, maybe even with or without the heel block and leather lining options. It is going to depend on what is ordered and with what options. I know the wider versions will be filled in much quicker from past experience. The Group picture doesn't show all the available widths. The most popular sizes that I have used on my saddles run from 2" to 4 1/2" in the past. For now there is just the group picture available for you to look at. If you would like to see what the 6" width looks like you can look as a similar width stirrup in the 4" Hickory versions. These Custom Visalia stirrups are much are fancier but the lower priced hickory 4" Visalia stirrups will give you some an idea of the width of the threads on a 6" width stirrup until someone orders a set of these..

    Since these stirrups are handmade and custom built, I will need to order them after you place your order for your stirrups bound with the metal of your choice and roller width. If these are going with a saddle that I am building you, or one of my Prebuilt saddles they normally will be shipped with the saddle. So your will need to order what you want in time for them to be built and shipped with your saddle. You can also order these very nice stirrups for a saddle you may already have that needs new or nicer stirrups.If you can't wait for them to be built, then do not order! If you have any questions feel free to contact us.