These are  replacement Hobble Hangers in case the one your saddle is missing or damaged These are items that get tore up or wear out and need replacing from time to time. Many Saddles don't come with these installed on the saddle also. You may  want to add one of these items to your saddle if they are missing so that you can pack  hobbles easily on your saddle.

    These  items are all built in my shop and they are the same that I build for my saddles. Everything is hand cut , built , and finished.  These  items are made from Hermann Oak Saddle Skirting, the slots are all stitched around for strength and everything is hand edged and finished. If you need any holes punched for saddle strings, let me know and I will punch them before I ship. They are available in both Smooth-Out and Rough-Out in natural or dyed in you choice from the available colors in the options.