Latigo Horn Wrap


     These horn wraps are cut from oiled latigo leather. I use these on my saddles for horn wraps if requested by the customer. These are not the best if your going to be roping very much, they are mostly for looks. You can still put rubber over the top however if you need to if you find out your going to be roping more than you originally thought. These are cut 2" wide by hand and as long as the leather allows. I always have to cut off some after the horn has been wrapped and have it tightened down. I may have to cut one for you as I don't use a lot of these. I can give you some advice on how to put these on if you need it so let me know. I didn't have one here built up for a picture so I used a picture of the wrap on a saddle as it looked when it went out of my shop. The next time I make one of these I will take a picture for the listing before it has been installed.