These are my standard One Buckle curb straps that are made from Latigo Leather with a single Buckle and two loops. The tuck loops are matching leather also. Make your hardware choice for the hardware your prefer.These are made from Latigo leather that comes out of my bins left from straightening the edge of a side of  leather.  It would have been what I cut my saddle strings, latigos, and half breed latigos from.

     To use a strap cutter I first have to straighten the top on the back of a side of leather. These come out of that first piece that I usually have to cut off first. This first piece will be straight on the one edge and miss shaped on the top edge. I put these into a bin and when my "straight bin" gets full I usually will build up a batch of curbs.  

    In the longest setting hole, they are generally 9 1/2" long and are 1/2" in width. I will be adding more versions of these curbs and others to my store so check it out for the others. These will be light enough to be shipped first class. If you have any questions email me and watch for more colors and versions to be added over time.