Model 94 Winchester Leather Rifle Scabbard


    This a custom leather scabbard made to fit a Model Winchester Rifle, although it should fit other similar brands of this type of rifle. The model shown is the basket stamped version with stainless steel hardware with a plain floral background. The scabbard is lined with a soft leather and fully stitched on my Campbell before It was laced together with the bone colored chap leather shown. The leather is 9/10 ounce Hermann Oak Tooling leather. The straps are also stitched and lined for strength with the same lining material I used on the inside of the Scabbard. There are still some dark spots left to even out from oiling. The customer is coming to pick this item up so had to take pictures while the scabbard was still here. 

      There are other options available such as a plain version, Floral Carved Version, and various box stamped versions. When ever I build a new one , I will post pictures here so you will be able to see what the different options look like. Also different hardware is available.. If you would like something not shown , then be sure to contact me for a cost. These will be built to order so expect a week or two before I can ship your scabbard to you. The tooling is all done by hand so no two are exactly alike. The plain smooth Out and Rough Out versions will come with a Beaded border to dress them up some and to match my custom saddles. Rifle not included of course.