These Old Timer pattern Headstalls are built from Hermann Oak Leather with this being the Rough Out Version. They are all lined with good USA latigo.This one uses all solid brass buckles and has a straight browband and tapered cheeks. This pattern you are viewing has buckles on both cheeks allowing for a little more adjustment than the true to history single buckle version This headstall will also come with a matching curb strap with a matching buckle. The throat latch on these style headstalls are made 5/8" width so that they do match a little better to the rest of the headstall. The buckles on the cheeks are 1" and the buckles at the bit straps are 5/8" buckles. This one has a 1" wide straight Browband with 1 1/4" Smooth domed  conchos at the bit ends. This headstall also can have the addition of a matching noseband if someone would like one. You will be able to see in the close up pictures where the nose band runs under the bit strap on the inside. On this version I did not build a matching nose band as the brow is a straight pattern. Contact me if you want to get a noseband with this Headstall.The tapered cheek pattern with matching tapered Browband may be the one to look at if you are considering getting a matching nose band which would be built to match..

 I put the headstall in the longest set of holes and measured around the outside with my cloth tape. This measurement was about 48 1/2" in length. In the shortest set of holes the measurement is about 36" in length. There are 7 holes in each cheek and set in the 4th or center hole the length measurement is about 42". You can measure one of your current headstalls the same way to compare for sizing. The headstall will fit and look best if used in the holes that are the middle type holes and not the very top or bottom hole. If needed I can build a longer or shorter version as this pattern is made to fit the average horse. There will be many different versions added with different  hardware, cheeks, browbands, colors, stamping, ect. So be sure to check out the others.