This Headstall pattern came from a local customer who had and used a headstall like this in his own family for generations. I made my pattern off their old original headstall.  The first headstall I had made off it, they have been using for a few years now. They recently ordered three more so I have added them to the mercantile at the same time.  I have different options for the Hardware, with or without a Matching Noseband, plus plain or basket tooling . See the options in the drop down menu and design your own Headstall from those available. The price will change as you change the options.

     This headstall shown is made from Hermann Oak 7-8 ounce strap/tooling leather and basket stamped. The hardware on shown versions is J. Watt Stainless Steel with a Floral Pattern in the Plain Background finish, Black Background finish, and Plain with a Black Outside Ring Hardware in the oval Buckle pattern. A similar square buckle pattern is available also in the same finishes but not shown in the pictures as neither are the #132 cart options. You can look at what the #132 Cart buckles look like by looking at the double buckle versions . See the hardware options and also see the pictures up close , I tried to get one of each somewhere in the 10 pictures that are allowed along with showing the browband and noseband also.  The #132 Cart Buckles are Polished Cast Solid Brass and Polished Cast Solid Stainless Steel. I may add more leather/color options at some point in the future also.

Everything is lined with latigo, even the throat latch and the bit straps are latigo also. I used latigo on the bit straps as it should hold up better to sweat and moisture from the horse's mouth. The original used the same leather that the headstall was built from for the bit straps, the oiled latigo I used should last longer. A matching curb is also included, with hardware to match what you chose from in the options. The headstall can also be used without the noseband , and it is made to come off and back on very easily. Keep that in mind in case you think you might want to get a noseband but didn't think you wanted to use it all the time.I added some pictures of the noseband so you can see what it looks like on the headstall if you want to order one. You can put it on and off  if needed for different horses, ect.