Shep's 100% Pure Neatsfoot Oil Quart Jug


Shep's 100% Pure Neatsfoot Oil reconditions and preserves leather items. It is blended for uniformity and penetration so that it preserves, strengthens, and waterproofs leather. It is ideal for work shoes and boots, belts, golf bags, saddles, bridles, harnesses, horse collars, gun cases and more. It is best when warmed to 80 - 90 degrees F. Leather should be cleaned well before oiling for best results. I will ship Shep's with some shearling left over from building saddles that works great to apply Shep's Neatsfoot oil with.

   This is the Quart jug for Medium to large sized jobs. If you need Shep's for a bigger or smaller job, see the other available sizes.