This would be a custom leather case for a SILKY brand Saw in the KATANABOY 5 model, that you have or are going to purchase.. IT DOES NOT INCLUDE THE SAW, , WOULD JUST BE THE CUSTOM CASE. Please use the dropdown to read all the listing information. This was built for a customer and is meant to be packed on horseback for a trail saw, but could just be used to store and protect your saw also. The straps are easily removed if wanted.. I understand that these saws do really cut well. I have one of their Pocketboy 130 model saws in my gear and it does cut nicely . 

There are two versions of this scabbard Case #2 is  for those customers who choose to not remove the thumbscrew from their saw. This listing is for Case#2. All my local customers have chosen to remove the thumbscrew which they removed with a pair of pliers. This Case #2  is wider to allow for the thumbscrew, but comes with the added weight of a slightly larger case if you are trying to save weight where you can.

    This Case was left natural and just oiled, but I will have options below for different color choices for the leather and hardware. If you have one of these saws in the model mentioned above, the pattern was made off the saw my customer brought me and is made to fit tight inside the case. We didn't want any rattles or having it slop around. If you have a different model of saw and want a case I can build you one most likely, but would want the saw if possible to make the pattern off of. I would build the case, put saw inside and ship everything to you when completed. Email if you have any questions, I may be able to find someone local that has your model of saw but I may not. I would have to check around first.