Skidmore's 6oz Beeswax Waterproofing


      Skidmore‚Äôs Beeswax Waterproofing goes one step further than the leather cream. Almost pure beeswax, it's for leather that really gets wet. The Waterproofing goes on smoothly, penetrating leather and leaving a waterproof seal on the surface. Use waterproofing for boots, shoes, and other leather gear that will be exposed to lots of wetness. I use this in my saddle shop also when I rub the edges of leather items to finish them and have used it on my ice fishing boots, ect. I used the leather cream first  then  then put on the waterproofing after the leather cream had penetrated and conditioned the leather. It worked well on both my packs and packers. The leather cream does have waterproofing qualities by itself, but Skidmore's Waterproofing is extra protection if you need it. The waterproofing is also available in a 1 ounce can and a little " goes along ways " but these 6 ounce Jars should cover a quite a few pair of shoes or boots. I will include some left over shearling for you to apply this product with inside the box. The actual coverage will depend on how heavy a coat you apply with this product and the Leather Cream also.