Solid Brass Folding Hoof Pick and Matching Rough Out Leather Case


  I go thru my skirting leather scrap bins every once in awhile, usually when they get to heavy to move anymore. Then I figure out a item I can build up using the leather in my bins that is kind of handy and that I can sell to recover some of  the money that is tied up in the smaller pieces of left over leather. I made some of these before over the years and customers liked them.  This listing is for some that are made out of some Hermann Oak skirting that I had that have been built roughout.These are made to attach to your saddle with either the saddle strings or a screw depending on which your saddle has. I can punch holes for you if you want , just ask. I have left them without holes because of not knowing what kind of saddle they will be going on. I am send a matching concho for the top of the ear like shown in the last picture. If you want holes before I ship just be sure to contact me or leave a note on the order details as to what you want. If I don't hear, I will ship without holes and you can punch the needed holes.

    The picks fold up and fit into the matching case and they are cast solid brass. I have to buy those and have always bought the solid brass. If you have questions, just email.